Brings New Investment Opportunities to Retail Investors

While the good news is that there is still interest in coin offering despite the current bear market, general hurdles remain for retail investors who want a piece of the ICO pie. These may include lack of information about the blockchain project the ICO finances, potentially fraudulent ICOs and difficulty in accessing tokens for purchase.

The Primary Market for Coin Offering or Primco has been created to answer this call. The platform will provide fair and reliable investment opportunities for crypto enthusiasts who are looking to invest in high-quality blockchain projects around the world. The quality of the blockchain project is especially critical, given that while ICO investments in a bull market are quite assured of profit, investments in a bear market often tank. is affiliated with Du Capital, which has invested in more than 60 top-notch projects — a large number for a nascent industry — and is led by Peter Du, a millennial market maker who made his capital by investing in the IOTA token. At its peak, the token rose more than 36,000 times its original debut.

Through Primco, retail investors can invest in quality ICO projects from Du Capital’s portfolio. Primco evangelizes the spirit of decentralization, enabling and including retail investors in invest early in Du Capital’s projects before they are traded.

The platform will provide a convenient trading environment for verified retail investors, enabling smaller investors to expand their portfolios and participate in new and exciting projects.

Led by an experienced team, Primco employs stringent verification process and superior KYC procedures that comply with local rules and regulations. Our cybersecurity team has served many government agencies such as China’s Ministry of Public Security and Central Bank.

Primco will also integrate project-related information on its platform to promote transparency about what is being bought. This not only encourages retail investors to expand their portfolio, but also educates budding investors about how their investment will grow the blockchain project and increases general interest in the blockchain world.

In the next few weeks, we’ll be launching two high-quality projects. To find out more and be updated with notifications of new ICOs, join our social media platforms and groups at the links listed on bottom of this post.

Most importantly, visit Primco’s official website now, Register to begin your account so that when ICOs are available for purchase, you’ll be the first to collect coveted coins! Sign up and invite friends, after the authentication is successful, you will also receive an invitation reward!

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