Primary Market Coin Offering (PRIMCO) is dedicated to building an investment exchange platform for high-quality blockchain projects globally. PRIMCO is part of the Du Capital Group and connects the best blockchain projects to verified investors to create a win-win situation. Through stringent verification processes, blockchain projects can be assured that tokens are circulated to segmented investors, while token patrons can partake in the value creation of promising blockchain projects.

PRIMCO implements superior KYC procedures to comply with local rules and regulations. Overseen by the renowned cybersecurity team, which has served many government agencies such as China’s Ministry of Public Security and Central Bank, PRIMCO’s trustworthiness and security is unparalleled.



PRIMCO provides a private exchange environment for a verified community of retail investors to buy newly issued tokens before they debut for public exchange. The exclusive access enables smaller cap investors to expand their portfolios and participate in exciting upcoming blockchain projects.



PRIMCO enables verified investors early access to new ventures.  This is coupled with transparent project information, which instils a high level of trust in the venture’s viability. 



PRIMCO helps finance global projects at the best prices.  PRIMCO aims to maintain the value of tokens post-listing by connecting the right investors to support individual token debuts, further reducing risks.

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